Mentoring Insights

Are you a leader who wants to make a serious difference?

We are focused on helping senior and aspiring leaders achieve significant improvements in personal impact and effectiveness. We believe that there are four key areas to focus on that together will enable you to expand your own perspectives, enable greater strategic clarity, better decision making, and more impactful execution: Active Understanding, Clear Goals, Personal Ownership, and Personal Brand Management.  

Active Understanding

Moving into a new demanding role? Experiencing conflict in the workplace? Working hard yet it seems almost impossible to make any progress? Feel overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make? Lack confidence to change your strategy and go for growth? We start by understanding your personal situation and remain actively understanding throughout the mentoring engagement.  

Clear Goals

A clear vision is built upon clear and actionable goals. We encourage a mix of small and large steps in order to achieve your full potential. Goal setting is an art, not a science. To achieve the biggest goals will require breaking them down into smaller parts. Throughout the mentoring engagement, clear goals are set, measured and reviewed during every mentoring session.   

Personal Ownership

Mentoring empowers you to think strategically, and gives you the confidence to take control.  During each mentoring session, you have the space to work on understanding yourself, what you want, and what you might personally improve to be even more effective. Each session results in you creating and owning your personal action plan. Being mentored results in you doing the “heavy lifting,” and so personal ownership remains yours throughout the engagement.  

Personal Brand Management

We can help you get on track and look good inside your business. We provide ideas and methods to reinforce your personal brand inside your company. In addition, we will regularly encourage you in different ways to improve your personal brand externally too – including techniques through social media engagements, personal development opportunities, and broader active networking engagements that strengthen your personal brand.  

What people are saying about Mentoring Insights

“As a first time CEO, the support is invaluable. My mentor understands the challenges that CEO’s face and provides wisdom based on his experience and knowledge. The relationship gives me a structure to deal with a myriad of things, and helps me deal with difficult situations more effectively.” Julie F, CEO, UK Charity 


“My mentor has been a great role model for me and is someone who takes a sincere interest in my career. He sees more talent and ability within me, and helps bring it out . The sessions give me a lot with actionable insights that I am able to implement immediately and get results.” Espen S, Sales Director, Norwegian Security Business